The boundaries between the countries are eliminated thanks to modern technologies. People travel and move to other countries. Besides, there is no need to be afraid. Thanks to the present-day level of education, one can learn a new language in a matter of a few months. Though at the initial stage, the services of translation and interpretation agencies are unavoidable.

Aside from official negotiations between countries and companies, there are plenty of situations in which a person may require an interpreter:

  • Online job interview,
  • Conversation with a foreign agent;
  • First dialogue with a potential partner one has met on a dating platform.

Above are just a few possible situations. What should a person do if he or she needs someone to help with interpretation and knows no one nearby who can fulfill this task? It is not so complicated. It is necessary to submit a request to a translation agency.

Every company that works with translations has got employees who are specialized in interpretation. Besides, ordering these services to be fulfilled over the phone or using video-conference, a person has got additional benefits:

  • It is cheaper than inviting an interpreter to the venue.
  • This is a faster way to arrange everything: no need to waste time traveling.
  • It is a commonplace approach for modern people who value their time and money.


How to Order Such Services

To submit a request to an agency, it is necessary to set the date and time of negotiations. After, it is better to determine and describe the subject of a conversation. For example, if it is a job interview, provide the details on the position you are applying, as well as inform the position of a person you are going to negotiate with. In such a way, an interpreter will have the possibility to be ready for the questions that can be discussed, as well as familiarize oneself with specific terminology used in a particular field. The better an interpreter is prepared, the faster and more effective the process will be. 

Besides, it makes sense to contact your interpreter before the set time (and to agree on this preliminary contact during the process of ordering) so that to make sure that the quality of the connection is good enough. Otherwise, an interview can be failed due to a bad connection.

If there is enough time to prepare for the upcoming negotiations, let an interpreter ask you questions if he/she has got any. In the case of the first phone conversation with a potential partner, there can be some taboo topics that should be avoided in discussions. Thus, an interpreter should be also informed so that to determine the manner and tone in the process of interpretation.

Modern technologies have imposed additional requirements for companies working in the field of translation. Interpretation is no exception. To get the services urgently fulfilled, look for a company that provides phone and online interpretation.

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